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on the northbound sick of the hov flyway. the assistant chief for montgomery county fire and e.m.s -- e.m.s. is offcamera. the bus went off the left side of the flyway and fell how far down? >> the bus rested 45 feet. at 4:00, we received a call for an accident on northbound 270 involving a bus and units arrived and found a 26- passenger limo-style bus upright against the jersey wall that apparently had come off of the northbound 270 flyover. >> and we're going to talk about parks. 12 people transported to local hospitals and we understand two cars on the ground on the lower section of 270 and i looked at one and they look to be in good shape and looks like they may have hit one of the jersey walls to get out of the way. i know the investigation is ongoing and tell us about the number of passengers that you transported and what condition they are? >> we transported a total of 12 patients, two were priority one, critical, life-threatening injuries and two were priority 2, critical, non-life threatening injuries and eight, priority three patients with injuries that required treatment and
them to local hospitals. northbound 270 underneath of the flyway to southbound 270, portal georgetown road. a 26-passenger bus has left t road. it did make contact with several other vehicles. we're currently in the extra indicati phase. the extra indication is lengthy. it's a pretty extensive etra indication. all of those have been clead. they have been treated, triaged, and transported to local hospitals. >> reporter: the person who died, do w know if it was a drir, a passenger, or one of those in the other vehicles? >> we don't know. >> reporter:o we know the circumstances that led up to this? >> no, we're still in the beginning of this. we'll begin the reconstruction and the investigative phases as soon as we have all of our patients clear. he's going to conduct a lenty meeting now. we're hearing four or five seriously injury and they're trying to extra indicate some folks from vehicles. i can seehat some folks were ken on a stretcher and one looked to be a child. we'll pass it along as it becomes available. >> we'll be right back. begin with that breaking news in bethesda wre a t
flyway for migratory birds from the upper part of north america to the gulf to the major fisheries this parrish that we're in is one of three parrishes or counties here in the united states that more seafood is harvested for domestic consumption here than anywhere else in the lower 48. >> reporter: loss of wetlands and barrier islands also left louisiana more vulnerable to the impact of hurricanes. garret graves says the oil spill was a serious setback to the restoration work that was being done after hurricane katrina. >> because of the investments that the state had made in coastal restoration and eco system restoration we were actually on track this year to have the lowest rate of land loss since the 1930s. an important milestone in our i think the oil spill has put that in jeopardy and i think really beyond jeopardy i think the oil spill has prevented us from reaching that this year because of the additional land loss that will occur because of the oiled wetlands in south louisiana. >> reporter: a lot of people in louisiana think the b.p. spill might provide a unique opportunit
roads in our area. a tour bus carrying students and parents that fell off a flyway that fell over 270 and crashed. good evening. i'm ji. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. we know that one person was killed. 12 people have been taken to the hospital. and four of them are critically injured. the tour bus involved in the crash is based out of york springs, pennsylvania. we'restill waiting to learn more about those crash victims. craig melvin has been covering the story throughout the afternoon and he joins us now from bethesda with the latest. hi, craig. >>po
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)